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Articles by Ars Legis’ members occasionally appear in publications such as “Internationales Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht” (IWB) published by NWB-Verlag. The following contributions have so far appeared thanks to the coordination and facilitation of Prof. Dr. Ekey:

Inheritance law and inheritance taxation law in various countries

Inheritance law and inheritance taxation law in the Netherlands - a look at the Dutch legal system
Article by Dr. Markus Kobus, IWB 3/2016 (not yet published)

The investigation of applicable inheritance law in a German-British inheritance case - influence of the EU Succession , although it does not apply in the UK.
Article by Jan-Hendrik Frank and Jan Atkinson, IWB 18/2015 p. 697, OAAAF-02238

The EU Succession Regulation in Portugal - effects on Portuguese civil and taxation law
Article by Ines Wollmann, IWB 16/2015 S. 605, KAAAE-99605

IWB Special Edition - Inheritance law and inheritance tax in Europe, December 2014
IWB Online, QAAAE-22198

Spanish inheritance tax reform - end of discrimination for non-residents
Article by Jan-Hendrik Frank, IWB 5/2015 S. 181, OAAAE-85802

Inheritance law and inheritance taxation law in Denmark - details regarding German-Danish affairs
Article by Reinhard Herrmann and Dr. Lars Eriksen, IWB 4/2015 p. 145, EAAAE-84816

Inheritance law in France - basic principles of civil and taxation law
Article by Brigitte Victor-Granzer, IWB 23/2014 p. 865, TAAAE-80764

Spanish inheritance law - an overview of civil and taxation law
Article by Dr. Guillermo Frühbeck Olmedo and Raquel Buendía García, IWB 14/2014 p. 519, YAAAE-69480

The EU Succession Regulation in Italy - effects on national legislation
Article by Dr. Andreas Gruber, IWB 12/2014 p. 447, NAAAE-67492

The EU Succession Regulation in Austria - effects on civil and taxation law
Article by Andreas Horvath, Dr. Susanne Jetschgo and Dr. Christian Winternitz, IWB 7/2014 p. 254, AAAE-61091

The EU Succession Regulation in practice - cases and solutions of particular practical significance
Article by Dr. Eckhard Wälzholz, IWB 17/2013 p. 613, XAAAE-43993

Property law in various countries

Austria: Property acquisition in Austria
IWB 9/2011 p. 318 (NWB DokID: XAAAD-82325)

Spain: Lawyer Dr. Guillermo Frühbeck
IWB 9/2011 p. 318 (NWB DokID: XAAAD-82325)

Switzerland: Lawyer Karin C. Etter
IWB 23/2011 p. 891 (NWB DokID: OAAAD-97641)

Italy: Lawyer Dr. Andreas Gruber
IWB 11/2012, p. 418 (NWB DokID: NAAAE-11014)

Luxembourg: Lawyers Joram Moyal/Fabrice Hipp
IWB 19/2012 p. 711 (NWB DokID: JAAAE-18921)

Ars Legis (Pub.): Company Law in Europe

This work introduces the companies in European Union Member States and Switzerland and provides an overview of the most important legal regulations to be observed. In accordance with the book’s conception, the authors place importance on the briefest, most succinct presentation possible, focussing on the most significant information. The book is intended for entrepreneurs and management professionals as well as their legal, taxation and commercial advisors. The individual contributions address corporations at first in the form of an overview, the basic processes including capital resources, costs and fees. The executive bodies of the organisation are also presented. Short descriptions of taxes in the respective country follow this as well as the company’s liability, including the liability of the executive bodies and potential liabilities affecting the company’s owners. Explanations about potential criminal responsibility conclude the respective country chapter. At the same time the authors also consider the fact that European norms are influencing the national laws in the Member States to an ever greater extent and are even determining them. We are referring here to none other than the “Action Plan on Modernising Company law and Enhancing Corporate Governance” from the European Commission on 21/05/2003. The requirements for the cross-border activities of companies have been and continue to be significantly simplified according to this political will. Difficult legal questions frequently arise when a company makes the decision to “expand abroad”. Answers to such questions today can only be found by qualified consultants with strong networks in Europe and further afield. 

Ars Legis (Pub.)
Company Law in Europe 
An Overview of 20 Countries 
1st edition 2007, 
402 pages, hardcover 
ISBN 978-3-87081-527-1 
Economica Verlag - Heidelberg 

Heidelberg Commentary on Trademark Law

A litany of new Ars Legis colleagues was won in order to complete this work. The new issue of Volume 1 with the commentary on market law contains explanations of the Trademark Act and the trademark law of other selected countries. The commentary on the Community Trademark Regulation follows in Volume 2 from 2009. Also considered are the changes brought about by the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (in force since 01/09/2008) which serve primarily to implement the EU Enforcement Regulation. The explanations begin with a short legal-historical overview of trademark law and its integration into the legal system. The commentary on the Trademark Act is clearly structured and provides a good overview of jurisprudence. The influence of European Law and the relationship of the Trademark Act for protecting brands through the TRIPS treaty are also explained. The second chapter consists of an overview of trademark law in the most important EU Member States in which legal guidelines affecting trademarks have to be implemented in the same fashion as in Germany. The legal provisions for trademarks in India, Switzerland, the USA, Croatia, Norway, Turkey as well as China are also explained, the latter also with descriptions of Chinese domain law. The supplementary texts in the appendix, the directory of protected indications of origin and geographical origin entries as well as a case directory with finding aids are helpful for practitioners. 

Trademark Law 
Volume 1: The Trademark Act and Trademark Law in Selected Countries 
Heidelberg Commentary 
on Trademark Law 
Published by 
Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, Lawyer (Publisher) 
Prof. Dr. Diethelm Klippel (Publisher) 
Achim Bender, Dir. Judge at BPatG (Publisher) 
Dr. Ulrich Bous, Notary 
Dr. Jens Eisfeld, LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, Lawyer 
Dr. Georg Fuchs-Wissemann, Dir. Judge at BPatG
Cornelie von Gierke, Lawyer at BGH 
Joachim von Hellfeld, Judge at OLG 
Manuel Jansen, Lawyer 
Prof. Dr. Diethelm Klippel 
Franziska Kramer, Lawyer, 
Maitrise en droit civil Prof. Dr. Louis Pahlow
Dr. Frank Seiler, Lawyer 
Dr. Birgit Wüst, Lawyer 
2nd revised edition 2009 
XXII, 1,800 pages, hardcover 
ISBN 978-3-8114-5205-3

Heidelberg Commentary on Competition Law

A litany of new Ars Legis colleagues was won in order to complete this work. The liberalisation of competition law has been continued with the revision of the Unfair Competition Act (Ger: UWG). The key points of the reform are increased consumer protection, a lifting of the ban on special events due to the expiry of provisions on closing, anniversary or clearance sales, the introduction of rights to skim profits in the event of unfair business practices through anti-competitive behaviour or the regulation of telemarketing. The changed system of the act as well as many alterations have led to increased information needs for all parties who deal with this subject matter.

The work offers a rapid and comprehensive insight into the subject matter through its clearly laid-out structure and quickly leads the reader to a solution.

The authors first provide an overview about the historical foundations of the UWG and its further development and then explain the system of competition law within the legal system, unfair business practice law in Europe and competition from the public sector. The commentary on the Unfair Competition Act is oriented towards High Court level jurisprudence. Focus areas include procedural law and references to foreign competition law. The pricing regulations are also explained. A separate chapter provides an overview regarding competition law in other countries both in and outside Europe e.g. China and the USA. This has been included to address the ever increasing significance of foreign legal systems.

Relevant guidelines, legal texts, fact sheets etc. together with an alphabetical case directory and finding aids can be found in the appendix.

Competition law
Heidelberg Commentary on Competition Law
by Dr. Friedrich L. Ekey, Lawyer,
Visiting Lecturer at RFH Cologne
Prof. Dr. Diethelm Klippel,
Dr. Jost Kotthoff, Lawyer,
Dr. Astrid Meckel, Judge at LG,
Dr. Gunda Plaß, Judge at LG,
in cooperation with Franziska Kramer, Lawyer, and Manuel Jansen, Lawyer.

2nd revised edited edition 2005,
1,366 pages, hardcover
ISBN 3-8114-3053-X
C.F. Müller