Advantages for you as a member

International cooperation is becoming more and more important in the age of globalisation and increasing competition, even for consultants. Business quite rightly expects cooperation between its consultants and competent partner firms. Ars Legis International offers this cooperation for lawyers, patent attorneys, auditors and tax consultants.

Ars Legis International regards itself as a network: on the one hand in the interests of clients who require help beyond their region and potentially in other countries and on the other hand in the interests of partner firms wishing to establish connections in other regions and countries. Proficiency in the German language is a requirement for membership.

With Ars Legis International you have the ability to access the expert knowledge of your fellow professionals. You can offer clients the service of being able to look after a client abroad, whether as his or her point of contact in your location or simply as a facilitator who can rest assured that the client is in the best of hands. Ars Legis is not anonymous but derives its energy from constant cooperation between its members.

Ars Legis International will be happy to answer any questions you may have – quickly and directly.


Members of Ars Legis International could be: lawyers, patent attorneys, auditors and tax consultants - in the form of sole practitioners, legal entities or partnerships.

A requirement for being admitted to and remaining in the association is the ability to communicate in the German and English languages.

Membership only applies to the district court jurisdiction named by the membership upon admittance and in which the member is also based. A comparable area will apply in the absence of a district court jurisdiction. Only one member is assigned per district court jurisdiction or comparable area unless the association decides otherwise with the agreement of the affected member.

The admittance fee is per member is €500.00 
The annual membership fee is €1,000.00

If you are interested in membership, please write an appropriate letter to the office of Ars Legis International:

Dr. Pierre-Roger Preussler 
Anwaltskanzlei Preussler Gruber Partners
Gampenstraße No. 97/N, I-39012 Meran (Italy)

Telephone: +39 0473 490900, Fax: +39 0473 490901

Email: info(at)